Recent Promotions

February 29, 2024

Excited to announce the recent promotions of Carly Donnell to VP of Client Support & Deployment and Paul Cowley to VP of Technical Support & Logistics. 

Carly Donnell joined DBE in 2018 after spending 10 years in community banking where her responsibilities included managing the backend of a large ATM & ITM Fleet. 

After successfully overseeing DBE’s remote services, client support and billing teams it’s time to expand Carly’s role to include DBE’s Deployment Team which consists of project management, installation, and training services.  

Carly’s promotion aligns our Deployment and Client Support Teams under one leader, bringing key departments together for an even more cohesive vision and team environment. One in which our employees and clients will greatly benefit.   

Paul Cowley joined DBE in 2015 after spending 10 years in service management at NCR. As VP of Technical Support at DBE, Paul leveraged his relationships with former NCR colleagues along with connections at the major core processors to ensure our field service teams have the training and support needed to keep DBE client’s fleets up and running.  

Paul’s outstanding knowledge of the solutions we support and his involvement with receiving, prepping, and distributing product to the field created an opportunity to grow Paul’s responsibilities to also include Logistics. 

Carly and Paul already have such a positive effect on DBE’s internal operations and external client experience. Expanding their roles increases their influence and impact with our employees, industry partners and clients. 

At DBE, our people fuel our success. Ensuring our team is properly supported is high on our priority list, especially as we continue to grow.  Join us in congratulating Carly and Paul on their expanded roles at DBE. 

Carly Donnell, VP of Client Support & Deployment
Paul Cowley, VP of Technical Support & Logistics