Encompass Service Delivery


DBE is a company built on service. We’ve evolved our service and support capabilities over 50 years to create the modern-day DBE standard of service called DBE’s Encompass Service Delivery.

DBE encompasses our clients banking technology with an exclusive combination of onsite, remote and value-added SaaS services. DBE clients enjoy the peace of mind of 360-degree coverage and enhanced value from our innovative SaaS products. What we do for our clients through Encompass Service Delivery, whether it be onsite or agent-based, separates DBE form the competition.

The more Encompass Services contracted by our clients means more robust coverage, eliminating costly gaps and vulnerabilities. Encompass Services support each other to make each service even more valuable to our clients. 

Build the Right Coverage

We help Financial Institutions build the right coverage combination for their environment.

Encompass Onsite Service

Traditional second line maintenance, performed the DBE way, with certified trained technicians, in the right place with the right parts when our clients need us. Onsite Service Technicians are backed by our industry leading Technical Support Team. We are proud to be one of a select few partners NCR has certified to train our technicians in house. 

Encompass First Line+

DBE’s standard of First Line of Defense. Includes onsite, remote services and proactive monitoring, speeding up the time between fault and action taken increasing uptime for our clients.

Software Subscription

Software consumption models are changing globally and across all industries and NCR is a part of this transformation.  SW Subscription is how NCR clients will access NCR’s NextGen software, Activate Enterprise. Through subscription comes access to future versions, innovation, and fixes for the duration of the subscription. Encompass Remote Services is the distribution vehicle for these updates. DBE clients are well positioned to take advantage of NCR’s software innovation and the next gen consumer experience such as personalized marketing and contactless transactions their customers now expect.

Encompass Remote Services

Composed of multiple services executed remotely through our proprietary Encompass Agent.  When loaded onto client devices, the Encompass Agent resides on the XFS layer of the unit, meaning our team of expert remote engineers can check health status down to individual components of the machine. The Encompass Agent is the ultimate tasker providing a Pathway to:

Software Patching & Distribution

Upgrades, Patches & Bug Fixes all packaged, tested and distributed remotely by DBE so your devices stay up to date.

Fleet Management

Collect hardware, software & peripheral inventory information that impacts fleet management health and costs. Clients can pull on demand SW patch reporting satisfying a critical compliance need.

Electronic Journal Viewing, Parsing & Storage

Perform advanced searches for the EJ data for monitoring, reporting, and analysis.  Browse and review data in a user-friendly, readable format with the ability to export EJ entry search results on single and bulk files.

Remote Diagnostics Insights & Remote Resolve

Includes oversight from a department of experienced remote services team members that retrieve diagnostic logs, collaborate with onsite service, initiate power fail restarts and resolve routine problems remotely.

Enhance Your Value

Encompass as a Service Offerings

Get even more out of your self-service delivery channel. Through the Encompass Agent, DBE facilitates additional value-added solutions for our clients to get even more from their technology investments and create a better overall experience for the user.

DBE owns and operates Encompass in all its forms so we can act quickly to add new products and services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Available Now Through Encompass


Elevate, dynamic Self-Service Channel Marketing SaaS hosted and supported by DBE. Elevate includes broad, BIN based and terminal segmented campaigns options, transaction preferences and E-Receipts.

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Encompass Secure, intelligent threat monitoring software and full disk drive encryption to the ATM & ITM. Your fleet’s software stack needs protection beyond standard manufacturer hardening. DBE can help.

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