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DBE partners with Jaguar Software to provide a Government Payment solution to any government agency from the city, county and state level. DBE has been helping agencies streamline the handling and processing of payments for over 25+ years.

Jaguar Software

Jaguar Software is committed to developing and delivering check imaging systems that exceed our client’s expectations. Jaguar’s ability to provide the very best software products is accomplished by listening, understanding, and designing solutions that fit the needs of our clients.

MirrorImage Digital Check Processing

MirrorImage Digital Check Processing is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, software system created by Jaguar Software. This versatile system is a modular-based easily scalable product, offering a dynamic range of independent and integrated capabilities to meet your institution’s customized needs – today and tomorrow.

MirrorImage, will allow your government agency to reduce costs by using the benefits of digital image exchange, image statements (CD/DVD-PapereStatement) and image research. With electronic check image exchange for clearing and settlement, you can take advantage of increased availability of funds, reduce fraud, and reduce the costs associated with the processing of paper checks. Digital Check Processing from Jaguar gives you the competitive edge!



The DesktopRemit software package from Jaguar Software is a full featured, complete item processing package for businesses to submit check deposits. From the initial capture of check items to submission of deposit files and archiving of processing information, DesktopRemit will allow you to worry less about item processing and focus more on your customers. Jaguar Software provides the best in quality applications to help your institution meet modern check imaging requirements and ease transitions to future technologies.

Desktop remite

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