Teller Cash Recyclers

TCRs Will Help Your Financial Institution

Branches are transitioning from transaction centers, to centers for guidance, service and sales. While cash transactions are in decline, they are far from gone entirely. As long as cash transactions exist, FI's need to plan for staffing, accuracy and security surrounding these transactions. Teller Cash Recyclers can help.

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Improve Client Experience

Improve Client Experience

With Teller Cash Recyclers, teller focus is on the client, not manually counting currency. TCRs expedite transaction time, particularly cash intensive commercial transactions. Tellers are free to build relationships, cross-sell and offer financial advisory to your clients.

Improve Operations

Improve Operations

Give your valued employees a better work environment while improving cash management in the branch. Eliminate time consuming vault buys/sells, lengthy drawer set up required at the start of the day and balancing issues to contend with at day's end. Gain cash usage insights and better manage your branch cash levels through the TCR.

Flexible Staffing

Flexible Staffing

Transactions are easily processed by Universal Associates in a more flexible and inviting footprint. Better utilize the space you have to create a more modern and appealing branch environment for your clients and employees.

Teller Cash Recycling

Automate currency transactions and transform your branch experience with Teller Cash Recycling Technology from DBE.

Together with Glory, DBE has been bringing cash recycling solutions to the marketplace for over 35 years to enhance branch performance and customer/member experience while improving business processes and operational efficiency.

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Glory GLR-100 Cash Recycler


The GLR-100 is the ideal cash handling solution for Financial Institutions. The GLR-100 enables FI’s to implement cash automation into their existing branches, while also offering the flexibility to deploy to future branch environments such as moving from traditional teller lines to open branch concepts or other customer interaction models. This deployment flexibility drives higher customer service levels for both routine teller and bulk merchant transactions. Recycling banknotes in the branch can significantly reduce operating costs.

  • High-Capacity Recycling Cassettes – up to 7 user configurable storage areas
  • Deposit and Dispense: 12 notes per second
  • Safe Type: UL-291 24-hour
  • GLR-100 Standard (5 Cassettes): Total recycling capacity of 11,700 notes
Features and benefits:
  • Intelligent features improve business processes and operational efficiency
  • Advanced security features ensure system integrity and reduce risk
  • Versatile options and advanced functionality enhance branch performance and customer/member experience

up to 50%

of time saved compared to manually counting banknotes. Improve teller productivity and eliminate repetitive low-value tasks.

approx. 37%

of all transactions involve cash. Enhance security and lower branch risk profile.


Approximate range of CIT fee savings. Reduce reliance on CITs and associated costs.

up to 25%

reduction of total cash holdings in the branch. Reduce idle cash in the branch.


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