Coin and Currency

DBE supplies the latest coin and currency counting technology from our global partners, Glory and G+D.

These solutions count, sort, authenticate, detect counterfeit, and feature fitness verification to meet the demanding needs of coin and currency in Casinos, while being efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly.

Compact Currency Solutions

G+D ProNote 1.5

ProNote 1.5

Combining cutting-edge sensor technology and compact design, ProNote® 1.5 enables cash centers, banks and casinos to meet extremely rigorous requirements for counting, sorting and the authentication of banknotes. 

  • Exemplary sorting speed of 1,300 bank notes per minute
  • Non-stop performance thanks to a sophisticated reject compartment
  • Currency authentication powered by state-of-the-art sensor technology
  • Configuration for up to 40 currencies, with auto-currency option
  • User-friendly programmable user interface and jog dial knob

G+D BPS C2 Family

C2 Family

Within the compact table-top segment the BPS® C2 product family offers superior productivity, utmost security, and a compact, attractive design with a very high level of user-friendliness. In addition, a choice of three variants – as well as a wide range of configurations – enables the systems to fulfill specific requirements that will take the efficiency of your cash process to a completely new level.

  • Greater ease of use: Intelligent software architecture ensures a simple and intuitive operation
  • Greater productivity: The consistently high speed of 1,050 BN/min when counting, sorting, authenticating or reading serial numbers (not available in all regions)
  • Greater security: Ultimate top-class sensors – fast, reliable and precise
  • Greater future viability: Numerous possible interfaces allow the BPS® C2 systems to integrate perfectly into the respective system landscape. Cutting-edge tools, applications, and web services allow even more efficient and cost-effective processes.

Coin Sorting Solutions

Glory SCW-20


The SCW-20 series is Glory’s third-generation coin sorter designed to meet the needs of clients across a broad range of applications. Aimed at medium size bank branches or cash centers where coins accumulate, the SCW-20 coin sorter provides a fast and efficient method to count, sort and authenticate.

  • Sorting Capability: Up to 8 denominations + 1 reject
  • Speed: Up to 3,000 coins per minute
  • Touch display and streamlined keyboard
  • Provides hands-free operation in high volume applications
  • Available in desktop or bagging with security stand

Coin Wrapping Solutions

Glory WS-30D

Ws 30

The WS-30 is a compact tabletop coin wrapper and counting machine that accelerates coin processing, increasing accuracy and efficiency. With advanced functionality and a consistent set of operations for all coin wrapping procedures, the WS-30 removes the cost of outsourced coin processing and wrapping.

  • Hopper Capacity: 1,000 coins
  • Count Speed: Up to 1,800 coins per minute
  • Wrap Speed: Up to 11 rolls per minute
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reduces the number of coin pours required to keep the wrapper operating

Glory WR-90/500

Wr 90

The high-speed WR-500 wraps large volumes of coins and the standard speed WR-90 is suitable for any size of operation. Robust and reliable, the WR-90/500 coin wrappers deliver you smooth and exceptional performance day-in and day-out, increasing efficiency and accuracy to speed up wrapping while minimizing errors.

  • Hopper Capacity: up to 9,000 (WR-90) and 18,000 (WR-500) coins
  • Count Speed: 2,000 (WR-90) and 3,000 (WR-500) coins per minute
  • Wrap Speed: 25 (WR-90) and 40 (WR-500) rolls per minute
  • Ideal for high-volume, heavy duty coin wrapping applications
  • Coin recognition and authentication technology
  • Improves coin processing efficiency and throughput

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