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Ccr 500

The CCR-500 receives, dispenses, and authenticates all currency and coin. By dispensing pre-programmed till amounts and automating the final till deposit for immediate balance, it shortens the time and reduces the number of employees needed to maintain cash throughout the day. All information is recorded in back-office software for management to review and audit.

  • Time Savings – Reduce the time and employees needed to maintain money throughout the day with the CCR-500 completely automated cash room solution.
  • Versatility – Designed for nearly all retail sale applications, the CIMA Currency Recycling Unit receives, dispenses, and authenticates all currency while the CRU cabinet collects and dispenses your coin as needed.
  • Efficiency – Start your workday quickly and easily by selecting the pre-programmed till amount.
  • Productivity – The CCR-500 can make change & store deposits throughout the day which increases productivity and improve the customer experience.
  • Reconciliation – When you’re ready to reconcile, the machine will quickly and accurately balance all tills while allowing you to create your bank deposit with a few taps on the monitor.
  • Improved Process – Eliminate human error, maintain employee accountability, improve cash flow, and lower man hours.


The CCR-1600 is a customized solution that integrates the latest cash processing technology. Pairing the CIMA Currency Recycling unit with the CC&D Coin Recycling unit allows small to mid-size retail chains and government offices to utilize the technology benefits. Improve your process by eliminating human error, maintaining employee accountability, improving cash flow, and lowering man hours.

  • Capacity – 16 drums; up to 700 banknotes each (11,200 banknotes total)
  • Security – UL291 safe with 3 different alarm outputs
  • Speed – Up to 7 banknotes per second
  • Discrimination – Automatic denomination recognition
  • Counterfeit – Magnetic, ultraviolet, infrared

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