Jaguar Software

DBE partners with Jaguar Software to provide Financial Institutions the latest in Digital Check Processing, Remote Deposit, and ATM & ITM Deposit Automation.

Jaguar delivers scalable check imaging solutions to meet the needs of all size Financial Institutions and is the industry leader in all aspects of check processing software.

Jaguar Check Processing

ATM Deposit Automation

Jaguar's ATM Deposit Automation software provides everything needed for complete end-to-end deposit automation: Virtual tickets, reporting, research, deposits, payments, transfers, no manual processes.

Remote Deposit

Jaguar has remote deposit options for any size financial institution that will exceed your customer's expectations. Whether the customer only has a few checks a week or thousands per day, Jaguar has a solution.

Branch/Teller Capture

Jaguar offers numerous versatile solutions for check capture and item processing. Whether you need traditional Branch Capture or Teller Capture, Jaguar has the solution you need regardless of the volume of checks or the number of tellers/branches.

ATM Deposit Automation

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End-to-End ATM no envelope check/cash deposit solution.

  • ATM Agent resides on ATM to transfer check/cash deposit files to Consolidation Server.
  • Integrates with existing Item Processing Software.
  • Creates Virtual Deposit and Cash-In Tickets.
  • Batch configuration options:
    • Batch by location
    • Sequential Batch Numbers
    • Single Batch for all Deposits
    • Batch by Location Name/ID
    • Batch for Each Transaction
  • Extensive Email notification capabilities.
  • XML for export to: Item Processor/Correspondent Bank
  • X9 for export: to FRB, Item Processor/Correspondent Bank
  • And more!

Remote Deposit

Jaguar RD

Jaguar’s Remote Deposit applications enable you to process checks in a single pass and validate their authenticity.

  • Provides IntelligentFields which populates data required to create a posting file for your accounting system.
  • Gives you the functionality of five modules in one: scan, balance, transmit, archive, and research.
  • Takes advantage of cutting-edge technology in CAR/LAR to automate the balancing process and limit the need for manual data entry.
  • Includes advanced features such as intelligent balancing, image quality assurance (IQA), and duplicate item detection.
  • Generates X9.37 image exchange files, the file format certified by the Federal Reserve Bank for electronic check presentment.
  • Generates ACH files for even quicker processing of checks.
  • Allows you to consolidate multiple business locations into one deposit.

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