Remote Services

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Encompass Remote Services is composed of multiple services executed remotely through our proprietary Encompass Agent.

When loaded onto client devices, the Encompass Agent resides on the XFS layer of the unit, meaning our team of expert remote engineers can check the health status down to individual components of the machine.

The Encompass Agent is the ultimate tasker providing a pathway to:

  • Software Patching & Distribution
  • Fleet Management
  • Electronic Journal Viewing, Parsing & Storage
  • Remote Diagnostics Insights & Remote Resolve

Current Users

If you are a current Encompass Remote Services user, below you will find a link to Workspace, view News, Updates, and Announcements from the Remote Services team, and contact the team to reset your password.


View the state of all your terminals on Encompass Remote Services, download EJ files, and view monthly scheduled reports.

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News, Updates & Announcements

Check back for News, Updates & Announcements from our Remote Services team.