Encompass Secure

Threat Monitoring and Prevention Software as a Service For Your Self-Service Channel Fleet

As sophisticated cyber threats continue to mount, your ATMs & ITMs are vulnerable without additional endpoint monitoring and protection.

Encompass Secure has your Financial Institution covered, safeguarding your organization against Advanced Persistent Threats, malware and ransomware attacks to the ATM & ITM. Implemented and managed as a service by industry leader, DBE.

Encompass Secure provides the necessary protections to the full software stack, going beyond the standard hardening from the manufacturer.

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Threat Monitoring & Prevention

Unmatched Attack Prevention

Multiple technologies and machine-learning models are used to identify and stop attacks across the entire threat lifecycle.

Attack Forensics & Visualization

Gain insight into the threat environment and perform forensic analysis on thwarted attacks aimed at the organization. Allows for attack kill chain visualizations and stops the threat.

Analytics Driven Hardening

Continuously assess, prioritize and harden endpoint security settings and user-vulnerabilities with an easy-to-understand prioritized list.

Reduce Risk with Encompass Secure

Encompass Secure provides additional protections and peace of mind.

Hard Disk Encryption

Defends against offline malware threats, safeguard from potential data breaches and ensure data security, even if the units hard disk is maliciously removed.

Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Reduce vulnerability, maintain software stability and mitigate malware threats by specially allowing or blocking applications and executables.

Smart Centralized Scanning

The Smart Centralized Scanning technology minimizes the security footprint by leveraging a two-level caching mechanism that ensures file scans are not duplicated.


Receive timely incident and remediation reporting, along with regularly scheduled status reports showing scans and activity from the previous period.

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Encompass Secure Requirements

Encompass Remote Services by DBE

Secure Agent is deployed to endpoints via Encompass Remote Services.

Activate Enterprise Software

NCR's latest generation of software, Activate Enterprise, is required. DBE can help confirm your current software environment and upgrade path to Activate Enterprise if applicable.

TPM Chip

TPM chips are required for full drive encryption. DBE can query to find out if your ATM or ITM already has chip installed. If needed, TPM chips can be sourced and installed by DBE.

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Want to learn more about the threats ATMS & ITMs face today and how Encompass Secure can protect your Financial Institution? Access webinar content on demand below.

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The DBE Forum 2024

Want to learn more about this valuable topic? Join us at The DBE Forum held June 12th in Des Moines, Iowa where there will be a session on Physical and Cyber ATM & ITM Security, including updates to the constantly evolving threat landscape, and how your FI can stay protected.