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Elevate, dynamic Self-Service Channel Marketing SaaS, is exclusively hosted and supported by DBE. Elevate your Self-Service Channel experience by distributing broad, BIN based and terminal segmented marketing campaigns + offer transaction preferences and E-Receipts.

Unlock the Strategic Potential of Your Self-Service Channel with Elevate

  • Reinforce Your Brand to Existing & Potential Clients
  • Provide a Valuable Transaction Experience to Your FI & Your Device User
  • Support Marketing & Revenue Goals Through Cross Selling & Measurable Efforts
  • Make Your Transaction Experience Stand Out & Further Differentiate from the Competition

Elevate's Campaign Capabilities

Attract Sequence Campaigns

Dynamic, broadly appealing attract sequence running on the Self-Service Device prior to user authentication.

BIN-Based Campaigns

Campaigns designed to run after authentication, created based on card number groupings chosen by the FI, such as On-Us and Off-Us transactions.

Terminal Segmented Campaigns

Create a more relevant experience with campaigns targeted to Self-Service Device location such as On-Site vs Off-Site Device.

Create Memorable Experiences With Dynamic Campaigns

Create Memorable Experiences With Dynamic Campaigns

Use Your Screen Space To:

  • Reinforce your brand
  • Spotlight community initiatives & small business clients
  • Promote your FI’s omni-channel campaigns & offers
  • Engage existing & potential clients in different ways
  • Present QR Codes for measurable offers & results.



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Offer Transaction Preferences

Fast Cash Amount

Set fast cash and bill mix for a quick and efficient transaction to meet the needs of today's busy consumer.

Language Choice

Allow your cardholders to set their language of choice for a personalized experience.

Receipt Preference

Offer print, SMS-Text and email receipt options for a convenient transaction experience today's consumer expects.

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