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Glory RBG-300 Cash Recycler System

The RBG-300 accelerates back-office cash processes in high volume cash locations. Delivering increased productivity for your staff and reducing the risk of cash shrinkage, the RBG-300 allows your staff to focus on higher value activities that improve the customer experience and rive growth for your business.


Product Features:

Centralize Cash Management

Deposit operations are considerably alleviated and enable centralized cash management.

Recycle Function

Minimize cash maintained which results in an enhancement of security. Only banknotes in good condition are recycled, therefore contributing to a reduced jam rate.

Collection Drawer

Non-recyclable notes and excess cash are stored in the collection drawer. This effectively contributes to a simplified and improved collection process.

High Capacity

A total capacity of approximately 14,400 pcs maximum, reduces the frequency of the collection process and helps to save operational time.

Auto-Verification Function

Cash contained in the cassette is counted regularly and reconciled with the balance data, and auto-verification is implemented at the time of jam occurrence.


CCR-500 Cash Recycler


The CCR-500 receives, dispenses, and authenticates all currency and coin. By dispensing pre-programmed till amounts and automating the final till deposit for immediate balance, it shortens the time and reduces the number of employees needed to maintain cash throughout the day. All information is recorded in back-office software for management to review and audit.

Product Features:

Time Savings

Reduce the time and employees needed to maintain money throughout the day with the CCR-500 completely automated cash room solution.


Designed for nearly all retail sale applications, the CIMA Currency Recycling Unit receives, dispenses, and authenticates all currency while the CRU cabinet collects and dispenses your coin as needed.


Start your workday quickly and easily by selecting the pre-programmed till amount.


The CCR-500 can make change & store deposits throughout the day which increases productivity and improve the customer experience.


When you’re ready to reconcile, the machine will quickly and accurately balance all tills while allowing you to create your bank deposit with a few taps on the monitor.

Improved Process

Eliminate human error, maintain employee accountability, improve cash flow, and lower man hours.

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