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Casino Equipment

Data Business Equipment has been providing Iowa casinos with hardware and software solutions since gaming came to Iowa. As casino needs changed over the years, so did our product offerings. We offer ticket redemption kiosks, scanning systems, automated employee banks, currency and ticket sorters, standard currency counters, discriminators, coin sorters and wrappers, all vital products that impact the casino floor, cage and soft count.

Our mission is continue to offer leading edge technology for Iowa casinos as they grow and evolve. We take full responsibility for professional installation, training and support for all the products we provide, and take pride in providing efficient service that minimizes downtime.



The BPS M5 is the system for commercial applications in G+D Currency Technology’s High-Speed World for high volume cash processing. It processes mixed denominations of banknotes with different formats and substrates. In doing so, the system achieves speeds of up to 33 banknotes per second – even in continuous operation: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Cost and time pressure is constantly increasing, requiring automation and efficiency across the entire cash cycle. To solve that need, the BPS C4 banknote processing system is highly configurable with up to 20 output stackers with variable configurations that allow a variety of processing tasks at a speed of up to twelve banknotes per second.



Within the compact table-top segment the BPS C2 product family offers superior productivity, utmost security, and a compact, attractive design with a very high level of user-friendliness. In addition, a choice of three variants – as well as a wide range of configurations – enables the systems to fulfill specific requirements that will take the efficiency of your cash process to a completely new level.


The G+D Zeus is highly versatile, easy and convenient to operate and supports unparalleled range of applications. It can be readily configured for specific user requirements and adapted to existing network infrastructure.


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